We are very pleased to announce that we will be continuing our provision of Pathways to Law into Phase 4 of the programme. At Oxford, the programme is run jointly by the Law Faculty and the Widening Access & Participation team of Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach, allowing expertise from both quarters, plus the committed support of our benefactors, to provide the best possible programme for the students.

Nationally, the Pathways to Law scheme has been run as a two-year programme for Year 12 and 13 state school students, but Phase 4 will see us working with Years 10 and 11 as well. We are really excited about this expansion and will be drafting in our new Linklaters Oxford Law Access Ambassadors (a scheme announced in the last ebulletin) to help us reach as many schools in our region as possible for the Year 11 events as well as working directly with Year 10 pupils in Oxford city schools.

Our Year 10 and 11 programme will work alongside the ‘Oxford for Oxford’ campaign, aiming to raise the aspirations of students in our immediate area. Our Year 12 and 13 programme is already a full and varied experience, with much support from our benefactors here in the Faculty. We have already seen excellent results from the Oxford Pathways to Law students, with 88% of our first graduating cohort going on to study at a Russell Group university, including four undergraduates here at the University.

The Pathways to Law programme seeks to support and encourage students from non-privileged backgrounds to aim higher both in terms of university study and a career in the legal professions. The expansion of the programme into Years 10 and 11 will help us further these aims by encouraging students from non-traditional backgrounds to think seriously about their options earlier, and enable them to make informed choices about their future – including, we hope, signing up for our excellent Year 12 and 13 programme!

For more information about Phase 4, including the other universities involved, click here.

Our Pathways to Law programme is part of the scheme set up by the Sutton Trust and the Legal Education Foundation, with support from major law firms. Our outreach work, and the Pathways to Law programme here at Oxford, is funded in part by a generous donation from Maitland Chambers.

The Linklaters Oxford Law Access Ambassador Scheme is launching this summer, with generous support from Linklaters LLP. These students provide us with a trained pool of ambassadors to call on for any of our widening access and participation activity.