The International Journal of Law in Context and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies jointly invited early career scholars to participate in a workshop held in Oxford 20-21 June 2016. The purpose of this international workshop was to bring together scholars at a relatively early stage in their careers to support them in developing research projects and preparing publications to submit to scholarly journals in the field of socio-legal studies.

During the workshop scholars made presentations, took part in discussions, and received feedback on their work from senior research staff at the Centre and the editorial team of the Journal: this included Professor Marc Hertogh (University of Groningen, Netherlands) and Professor David Nelken (King’s College London). The best papers at the workshop were considered for publication in the International Journal of Law in Context.

The Centre was pleased to welcome in student participants from across the UK, and Internationally: Kent, Leeds, Oxford, Warwick (UK): Melbourne (Australia): Montréal (Canada). The scholars reported that they found the event and interaction extremely useful.

"...thank you for taking the time discuss my paper at the Law in Context workshop... I'm hoping to submit within the next fortnight and your advice has really helped in solidifying my chapter argument!"

“...The format was great, as was the ratio of senior researchers to young scholars. The collegiality and mentorship was also truly appreciated, especially since I was presenting a piece of my thesis which hadn't yet received much commentary aside from my thesis committee. As a result of the workshop, I am seriously considering submitting my piece (once polished) for review at the IJLC..."