Please note that a column is being removed on the Second Floor in the café area on Friday 5th August which will be high level noisy work.

There are medium to high level noisy works planned on site for this coming Saturday morning (8am-1pm) – 6th August.

w/c 8th August

  • Main Core area (FF/SF/TF) fixing into metal for steel frame erection for stairs
  • Main Core Toilets (GF) - drilling & fixing into concrete & metal for partitions
  • Criminology (FF) - drilling and fixing for glazed screen partitions installation
  • Main Core, English Faculty, BLL & Criminology (GF/FF/SF) - fixing & drilling for mechanical & electrical works 
  • BLL Lift area (GF / FF / SF) - drilling and fixing for lift shaft finishes
  • External works - excavating out for external path on west elevation
  • Main Core, English Faculty, BLL & Criminology (GF/FF/SF) - drilling & fixing for ceiling and partitions
  • DDA Entrance area (GF) drilling and fixing for ceiling and partitions erection

Toilet facilities are available on the GF next to the Cube, and on the First Floor adjacent to the English Graduate Common Room.

Bike racks at the back of the building (near the Manor Road entrance) under the building overhang have been reopened.

The porters have relocated to a desk by the Manor Road entrance to the building.