Kevin Grecksch, research officer in the regulation of water resources at the CSLS, successfully hosted a scenario building workshop on future drought and water scarcity management in England and Wales.

Bringing together more than a dozen researchers and stakeholders, ranging from DEFRA, Environment Agency, Ofwat and water companies, participants discussed influencing factors and drivers of resilient drought and water scarcity management in England and Wales in 2065. These included aspects such as society’s expectations on water supply, water regulation policy, economic development, climate change, extreme weather events and many more. The workshop resulted in the development of four scenarios that will be part of the workshop documentation, which will be released soon.

The participants engaged in lively discussions during the workshop and a key success factor of the workshop was bringing together researchers from the MaRIUS Drought and Water Scarcity project and stakeholders from the water sector.

Within the MaRIUS project, the results of the workshop will help to broaden the array of options available for drought and water scarcity management practice in England & Wales beyond the existing regulatory framework.