The Centre for Criminology has launched a part-time MSc. Admissions for the part-time MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice are now open for entry in 2017/18.

The part-time course is aimed at people working in criminal justice organizations who are looking to gain new qualifications and/or wish to expand their knowledge base; those with caring and other responsibilities that make full-time study difficult; and anyone with an interest in criminology who would like to study at one of the top departments in the country but who cannot for whatever reason commit to a full time programme.

The part-time course will offer a full range of core and optional modules, the contents of which range from the classics of criminological thought to research methodology, and from policing, through sentencing, to prisons and the death penalty. In their second year of study part-time students will also, like their full-time peers, produce a 12-15,000 word dissertation. For details on the course structure and options available see here.

The part-time course will run over two years, and will be fully integrated with the full-time programme. Students will work and study alongside their full-time counterparts, attending courses, seminars and other events during Oxford’s three terms. Part-time students will therefore be expected to be in Oxford for two day a week in the first two terms, with a lesser time commitment in the third.

Further information on the part-time MSc are available on the University Prospectus and the Graduate Admissions website. Anyone interested in the course should in the first instance contact our Graduate Studies Administrator, Tracy Kaye, or Director of Graduate Studies Ben Bradford.