Nicholas Aroney: The Brexit Case

Speaking on 'The Brexit Case: An Outsider/Insider Perspective', Nicholas Aroney delivered a paper discussing the recent Supreme Court Miller judgment, on whether the government was allowed to trigger Article 50 on its own and leave the European Union. Professor Aroney sought to establish the syllogisms at play in the claimant arguments and government appeal, and pointed out that the Supreme Court had realised some of the difficulties in the minor premises to the claimants' central argument, something the High Court had previously overlooked. In this way, the Supreme Court was forced to find greater consistency when explaining the special nature of the European Communities Act, which has ramifications for how we understand the relationship between EU law and UK domestic law today.

Nicholas Aroney is Professor of Constitutional Law at The University of Queensland. During 2016-17 he has been a visiting scholar in the Programme for the Foundations of Law & Constitutional Government.