On 1 March, the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies hosted a one-day workshop on the Impact of Terrorism Law on Law and Legal Processes. Six speakers presented new work on the intersection between anti-terrorism law and other areas of the law, including constitutional law (Alan Greene, Durham), EU law (Cian Murphy, Bristol), immigration and citizenship law (Devyani Prabhat, Bristol), international, regional and domestic human rights law (Rumyana Grozdanova, Liverpool), criminal law (Adrian Hunt, Birmingham), and family law (Lawrence McNamara, York/Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law). The papers and discussion that followed explored the variety of ways in which terrorism law has shifted perspectives on core legal values and challenged some of the fundamental assumptions about a 'normal' constitutional order and the appropriateness of anti-terrorism law's place within it. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in the debate.

For further details, including a full programme, please see the workshop's website.