Royal Navy PIL course

In keeping with previous years, at the start of Hilary Term the PIL Group hosted a four week course on international law for legal officers from the Royal Navy. The aim of the course is to provide Navy Legal Officers with an understanding of the sources, principles, institutions, and processes of international law; to provide an overview of areas of selected interest in international law which are directly relevant to lawyers serving in the military or in government; to identify emerging trends in international law and to consider the role of international law in the broader international system; and to develop capacity to undertake independent legal research using primary and secondary legal sources. 

This year's group of six Legal Officers attended tutorials on, amongst other subjects, General International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, and International Law of the Sea, as well as lectures on a range of topics. In addition, the legal officers were each given a research project, which they presented at our regular research seminar. 

We are grateful to Captain Stuart Wright and the Royal Navy for their work in continuing our relationship and look forward to welcoming them again next year!