Today PIL @ Oxford welcomed our new and current PIL Research students at the (weekly) PIL Research Seminar which Professor Catherine Redgwell hosts at All Souls College. Today's session was an introductory session, designed to introduce newcomers to the group, with more introductory presentations to follow next week. The following students provided a few words on their research:  

Xuan Shao (DPhil)  (AT supervising)  General Principles and International Investment Law

Katie Johnston (MPhil)  (DA supervising) The interdependence of the norms governing use of force in international law : consequences for the identification and modification of jus cogens

Anna Ventouratou (MPhil) (CR/MJ co-supervising)  Disengagement from international law: derogation vs treaty termination and suspension

These sessions provide a forum for lively discussion and provide insightful feedback to students.