'Scholars of Tort Law' Workshop

On 6 and 7 April 2018, a workshop entitled Scholars of Tort Law took place in Worcester College, convened by James Goudkamp and Donal Nolan. 

The proceedings addressed the work of some of the most significant torts scholars in the common law world, including Patrick Atiyah, John Fleming, Fleming James, William Prosser, Sir John Salmond and Sir Percy Winfield.  The focus of the presentations was on the nature of the work produced by each of the scholars in question, important influences on their work, and the influence which that work in turn had on thinking about tort law. Presentations were given by Peter Cane, Guido Calabresi, Paula Giliker, John Goldberg and Ben Zipursky, Mike Green, James Goudkamp, Mark Lunney, Paul Mitchell, Donal Nolan, Christopher Robinette, Jenny Steele and Robert Stevens. The final versions of the papers presented will be published in 2019 by Hart Publishing.