The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance book launch and conference

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance, edited by Visiting Professors Jeffrey Gordon and Georg Ringe and was published by OUP in early May. The book was launched at an official launch conference which was held in Oxford on 11 May.

The conference involved Oxford faculty such as John Armour, Paul Davies, Colin Mayer, and Luca Enriques, and other leading scholars such as Ronald J. Gilson (Columbia & Stanford), Mark Roe (Harvard), Marco Becht (Brussels), and Simon Deakin (Cambridge). 
The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance brings together some 50 authors to take stock with scholarship in corporate law and corporate governance. The Handbook contains a variety of chapters that provide a comparative and functional overview of the field. It opens with the central theoretical approaches and methodologies in corporate law scholarship in Part I, before examining core substantive topics in corporate law, including shareholder rights, takeovers and restructuring, and minority rights in Part II. Part III focuses on new challenges in the field, including conflicts between Western and Asian corporate governance environments, the rise of foreign ownership, and emerging markets. Enforcement issues are covered in Part IV, and Part V takes a broader approach, examining those areas of law and finance that are interwoven with corporate governance, including insolvency, taxation, and securities law as well as financial regulation. The Handbook is published in hard copy and an online version
The launch conference was very well received and proved an intellectually stimulating event, spanning topics such as the future of the corporation, corporate short-termism, shareholder activism, corporate social responsibility and Brexit. We are very grateful for financial support from Columbia Law School, University of Hamburg, the Oxford MLF programme, OUP and ECGI.