Pathways to Law Students visit global law firm Volterra Fietta

Pathways to Law students had the exciting opportunity to visit the offices of Volterra Fietta as part of their programme in April 2018. Volterra Fietta is an elite global law firm specialized entirely in public international law. There was a packed programme of activities laid on for the students including the opportunity to take part in a thought-provoking practical exercise which enabled them to work in teams, represent a state and put key concepts of international law into practise. 

Article by Pathways to Law student Freya Williams.

On Friday 20 April, members of the fifth Pathways to Law cohort visited the London offices of Volterra Fietta, the ‘only dedicated public international law firm in the world’. The day was filled with talks from a broad range of its members, beginning with an overview of the structure of the legal industry, different roles within it, and the types of cases Volterra Fietta is involved in. 
This was then followed by an opportunity to hear from an intern and an associate, offering a greater understanding of the specifications of their particular careers, a typical working day, and how they had first entered into the law. We were also able to meet other members of the firm during lunch, discussing with them their personal career routes. A large proportion of them had chosen to enrich their education through undertaking a wealth of super-curricular work that included academic doctorates, pro bono volunteering and internships with international courts and the UN. The variety of their experience offered a new perspective upon the more traditional legal paths that we had encountered previously. With frequent references to the benefits of living and working abroad, fresh appeal was brought to university courses offering a fourth year in a foreign country.   

We were then challenged in a practical exercise during which we were supplied with a mock case, using the relevant information to formulate arguments as representatives of the three parties. Negotiating a peaceful resolution was a test but was thoroughly enjoyed by all, much like the day itself. 

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, giving us a comprehensive insight into the versatility of careers within public international law. We would further like to thank Volterra Fietta for hosting such a comprehensive and engaging event. 

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