Professor Dan Sarooshi Q.C. – Oxford Law Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Queen’s College, Oxford – delivered the prestigious Hague Academy of International Law lectures on the topic “Immunities of States and International Organizations in National Courts” from 23-27 July 2018. The lectures provided a detailed and comparative review of how the immunities of States and international organizations are being developed by national courts from both common and civil law systems. These five lectures will be published in due course by the Hague Academy and Brill Publishers.

The Hague Academy of International Law, which was created in 1923, is a centre for high-level education in both public and private international law. The Summer Course is taught in the Academy’s building housed in the grounds of the International Court of Justice. Alumni and former lecturers of the Hague Academy include Heads of State, Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors, 13 Judges of the International Court of Justice (including former UK Judges Dame Rosalyn Higgins QC and Sir Christopher Greenwood QC), one former UN Secretary-General and two Nobel prize recipients.