As the debate around whether Shamima Begum should be allowed to return to the UK continues, Professor Richard Ekins argues in the Sunday Telegraph that Britain needs a new treason law to tackle returning jihadis.

The article was raised during a debate in Parliament on Monday by Dr Julian Smith MP (Chair of the Defence Committee) and the Home Secretary said ‘I have read that article and heard what Professor Ekins has said in the past, and I think that it is worth considering it carefully.’  The debate in parliament was then covered in an article on the front page of the Telegraph on Tuesday.  

Professor Ekins co-authored a paper on treason last year for Policy Exchange.  The paper was commended in an article in the Telegraph last week by Richard Walton, former top counter terrorism police officer and again in the Financial Times by Camilla Cavendish, member of the House of Lords.  The paper has also been mentioned during debates in the House of Lords.

The article and paper by Professor Ekins have been mentioned in other news items covering the issue of the return of Shamima Begum including articles in the Mirror, the Daily Mail and on Conservative Home.