Linda Mulcahy has been invited by the Ministry of Justice to join a panel of experts to offer advice and critical oversight that will steer the design of the evaluation of recent Court Reform.  The Ministry of Justice is drawing on the expertise of  a number of experts, which also include Oxford’s Kate O’Regan,  with the aim of delivering a comprehensive evaluation that informs the development and delivery of the Court and Tribunals reform programme. The reform programme sets out an ambition to build a modern system for administering justice. A team within the Ministry of Justice Data and Analytical Services Directorate will lead the evaluation which will seek to understand the extent to which outcomes, access to justice and user experiences of the court system have been affected by reforms.  In her work with the Ministry of Justice Linda draws on decades of research on users experience of the civil and criminal justice systems including, most recently her work on court design and the dematerialisation of the courtroom.