The concepts of Ethical Business Practice and Regulation, described by Prof Hodges and Ruth Steinholtz in their book are attracting attention from officials and regulators and businesses across the world. 

Prof Hodges has discussed the concepts in detail with government, businesses and all of the Essential Services Commissions of Australia and New Zealand, hosted by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia. He also explained the concepts to 70 Australian regulators at a July conference on ‘The Future of Regulation’ at the University of Queensland. Individual meetings or seminars were held with the Australian Financial Security Authority, lawyers at the Australian Competition and Consumer Council, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, and the New South Wales Government.

Back in UK, he has been asked to assist the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in implementing EBR approaches in existing or new regulatory structures. Forthcoming discussions include the Government of Brazil, and regulators in Finland.