Oxford Law Faculty was saddened to learn the news that Philip Lewis has died. Philip had a long association with the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in the Law Faculty and remained a senior Associate there until his death.  

Philip is best remembered for the substantial body of work he left behind on the legal profession. Professor Richard Abel was Philip’s long-term partner in the seminal three volume book series on Lawyers in Society. It was Philip and Rick who established the International Working Group for Comparative Studies of Legal Professions, more than twenty years ago, to carry out an international research project on lawyers. Twenty seven scholars from all around the world met to discuss the subject in Bellagio in 1984. This research was published, at the end of the 1980s in the three volumes of Lawyers in Society that they co-edited. Thereafter, they remained in touch until Philip’s last illness. 

Philip is remembered by colleagues at the Centre as a gentle man who was extremely modest. He remained engaged with the work of junior scholars throughout his career and has left an impressive intellectual legacy for us all.