A new option in Law and Computer Science is being offered to BCL, MJur and MSc in Law and Finance students from this year.  This is the first truly interdisciplinary option and will be jointly offered by the Law Faculty and the Department of Computer Science.

As AI and digital technology permeate more of our lives, they increasingly becomes the source of legally significant events. This means that those who study and/or practice law increasingly need to understand the digital context. At the same time, those who study computer science and/or develop software increasingly need to understand potential legal consequences of design choices.

This course will introduce students from both backgrounds to the terrain at the boundaries of their two disciplines. The overarching theme is understanding law and computer science at their intersection.

Such interdisciplinary understanding requires both lawyers and computer scientists to develop an appreciation of the way in which they typically approach problems, with very different analytic tools. A key pedagogical strategy for the course is to teach law and computer science students together, and in particular for them to collaborate on a groupwork practical exercise.

The course will be led by Professor Rebecca Williams of the Law Faculty and Professor Tom Melham from the Computer Science Department. Professor Williams is a co-Investigator on the AI for English Law project and on RAInS (Realising Accountable Intelligent Systems).

The course will take 12 students from each discipline and was over-subscribed this year, demonstrating the demand for knowledge in this area.