van leaving jesus college with books for renmin university
Van leaving Jesus College with books for Renmin University

Over the last two years, Ewan Smith (Christ Church) has been collecting volumes to help found a new law library at the Centre for Common Law in Beijing. We are pleased to announce that the library – over three thousand volumes – is now on its way to China.

The books were shipped throughout November, and the final instalment of four tons of books left the Codrington Library at All Souls College last week. The library includes a complete set of both Hansard and the Law Reports, and a comprehensive range of journals, textbooks and supporting materials. We believe this is the first English law library to be made available to students in Beijing.

Wang Yi, Dean of Renmin Law School said "we are very pleased to receive this new library, which will help future generations of students to explore the common law. It will prove very valuable to the Centre and to the wider legal community here.

We are grateful to the donor libraries in Oxford: All Souls, Balliol, Corpus Christi, Christ Church, Hertford and Jesus colleges and especially to Gaye Morgan at the Codrington Library. We are particularly grateful to our partners at Renmin University, especially Dean Wang Yi, Associate Dean Cheng Lei and Deputy Director of the Centre for Common Law Wu Zhicheng.