Professor Christopher Hodges has been engaged in a series of events coming out of the conclusions of two books that have just been launched.

Delivering Dispute Resolution analyses the state of the main pathways in England and Wales for leading types of claims: consumer, property, personal injury, employment, family, SMEs, commercial, and claims against the State. A launch was held in London by Hart Publishing attended by around 90 people including senior judges, officials and Ombuds etc. Lord Thomas, who wrote the Foreword and issued his Report on Justice in Wales around the same time, noted that both had reached the conclusions that the justice system is broken and needs serious attention along the lines recommended.

Chris is now engaged in an extensive programme of speeches or meetings to discuss or implement reforms recommended in the book. Some recent events are:

  • Presentation at the Advice Services Alliance’s annual Standing Committee of Advice Research and Evaluation 2019.
  • Meetings with the CEO of Ombudsman Services; the Chair and Chief Adjudicator of the new Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS) (in the design of which Chris had a significant role); the President of the Property Tribunal; the President of the General Regulatory Tribunal (with whom a research project is being planned).

On the related topic of shifting from negligence litigation for personal injuries to administrative redress schemes, as outlined in Macleod & Hodges, Redress Schemes for Personal Injuries, Chris has:

  • Given a webinar to the Directors of Board members of EU trade association MedicalTechnologyEurope, to prepare for a series of decisions on the design of a series of national compensation schemes.
  • Advised in-house counsel from leading companies on design of schemes in UK and elsewhere.
  • Given presentations to the Department of Health and MHRA.

Russell & Hodges (eds), Regulatory Delivery was also launched at a party held by Hart Publishing in London (attended by around 50 officials and regulators) and at a highly successful three-day conference of the International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR), which was attended by experts from 15 countries. INDR is sponsoring or supporting a series of moves to implement its recommended Regulatory Delivery Model and Ethical Business Practice/Regulation model. Major developments include:

  • Formation of an INDR group to focus on regulation of Digital, Internet, Platforms and AI, led by Robert Madelin (former D-G of DG CONNECT) and the Internet Commission.
  • A series of conversations with regulators and CEOs of companies in different sectors including medical devices, food, water, mining and financial services.
  • Chris spoke in Bonn at the internal conference of BaFin, the German Federal Financial Authority, to around 200 senior staff, at the express invitation of BaFin’s President.
  • Chris gave a webinar to SERNAC, the consumer authority of Chile.

The Australian Law Reform Commission has just issued a Consultation Paper on corporate criminal responsibility, which references three of Chris’ books (on regulation, collective redress, and Ethical Business Regulation).