Roxana Radu elected as Program Chair for the Global Internet Governance Academic Network

In January 2020, Dr Roxana Radu (Postdoctoral researcher, Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy) was elected as Program Chair of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet).

GigaNET is a membership-driven global network of academic internet governance researchers. The network was founded in 2006 to support multidisciplinary scholarship on internet governance. Members include researchers from a wide range of disciplines and locations who are contributing to research, teaching, and engagement in local, regional, and international debates on internet governance.

The four principal objectives of GigaNet are to: (1) support the establishment of a global network of scholars specializing in internet governance issues; (2) promote the development of internet governance as a recognized, interdisciplinary field of study; (3) advance theoretical and applied research on internet governance, broadly defined, and; (4) facilitate informed dialogue on policy issues and related matters between scholars and internet governance stakeholders (governments, international organizations, the private sector, and civil society).

In this new capacity, Roxana will be part of the GigaNet Steering Committee and coordinate the program for the the annual GigaNet scholarly symposium to be held in conjunction with the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum (2-6 November 2020).