Judith Freedman has been appointed as Chair of the Tax Law Review Committee of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) which keeps the state and operation of tax law in the UK under review.

The IFS created the Tax Law Review Committee (TLRC) in 1994 and its focus is on the working of the UK's tax system. Committee members come from various parts of the tax community and join together to speak with an authoritative voice about tax matters. Past reports on the tribunal system, revenue authority powers, making tax policy and  the need for a general anti-avoidance provision have been influential in the tax debate.

Judith Freedman has been a member of this committee since its inception and has now been appointed Chair. Professor Freedman said that she is very pleased to have been invited to continue the work done by previous Chair, Malcolm Gammie QC. Despite all the excellent work done by the Committee under his leadership, there are currently many issues surrounding the UK tax system and its administration, meaning that the Committee continues to have a role.