International Players' Duty to Search for Peace in Cameroon

Postdoctoral researchers James Angove and Roxana Willis have just published an article in The Conversation, an academic journal.  The article draws attention to the responsibility of international stakeholders to respond to the violent conflict which broke out in Cameroon in 2016 when protests by lawyers, teachers and civilians of anglophone insitutions which were met by suppression by the majority francophone state. The article includes research being undertaken by the Cameroon Conflict Research Group at the University of Oxford, studying a largely overlooked crisis.

James Angove is a Lecturer in Moral and Political Philosophy, and a Co-Investigator and Project Manager of the Conflict in Cameroon Research Group. Roxana Willis is the Faculty's Principal Investigator of the Cameroon Conflict Research Group and is also a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Criminology and a Junior Research Fellow in Law at University College, Oxford