Policy Briefing from HeLEX project on emerging technologies

A briefing document on research into the health and healthcare impact of biomodifying technologies from the ESRC-funded 'Biomodifying technologies' project has been released. The document 'Making ‘good targets’ for translational research' is being hosted on the RegMedNet website.

The project is led by two members of the HeLEX team, Michael Morrison and Jane Kaye in collaboration with Alex Faulkner, Phoebe Li (both University of Sussex), Andrew Webster and Andrew Bartlett (both University of York). 

This first briefing sets out the confluence of regulatory, commercial, medical, and technical factors that influence what counts as a 'good target' for translational research and investment across the three fields of technology.

It is the first of four planned policy briefings from the project, which finished this year. The website RegMedNet, which is run by the Future Medicine group, will host the documents, which each focus on a key theme of the project's work.

The project itself has investigated the regulatory and organisational challenges of translating three emerging technologies- gene editing, 3D bioprinting and induced pluripotent stem cells -into potential clinical therapies.