Tarunabh Kaitan has won an award in the excellence in engagement category at the University of Melbourne Excellence Awards, mainly for his work on equality in India.

Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Professor at Ashoka University, the former head of one of India’s leading think tanks, an editorial consultant and columnist for the Indian Express, and one of India’s leading public intellectual, while making a case to the University of Melbourne for the award to be given to Tarunabh Khaitan, said

His impact is being felt in proposed legislation at the national level; it is being felt in debates over new institutions that need to be created, and in the ways in which international law can be made an ally of national change. In addition there is one decisive fact. No discussion of the rights of minorities in India is now conceivable without engaging with his conceptual and legal arguments, often disseminated in op-eds, and activist groups.

Tarunabh is the Professor of Public Law & Legal Theory and the Hackney Fellow in Law at Wadham College, Oxford, currently on special leave for four years from 1 September 2017. During this period of leave, he is a Future Fellow at the University of Melbourne to work on his research project on the resilience of democratic constitutions, with a focus on South Asia. He specialises in legal theory, constitutional law and discrimination law.

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