Danni Watts, Oxford Law undergraduate, was commissioned to write an article for Each Other, an online magazine that publishes articles on human rights. 

Danni's article in Each Other  illuminates not only the struggle of the ME community but also the possibility that the long lasting effects of Coronavirus could include up to 10% of Covid-patients developing ME.  This anticipated surge in ME patients increases the urgency for change in how ME is treated and considered.

Danni has a particular interest in criminal law and disability rights. Danni is also the founder and editor of TABOU , a university wide disability magazine, which aims to increase the access and inclusion of disabled students in higher education through their narrative-changing magazine, mentoring and campaigning. Danni herself suffers from ME and suspended in her first year due to this. She is currently one of the only law undergraduates studying on a part time basis.

Her article contributes to the pilot of 'The Inspired Series'. Each Other describes the series as follows: 

This pilot series is part of our work to amplify voices that are underrepresented in the media and marginalised by society. This marginalisation could be due to multiple factors including, but not limited to, their gender, ethnicity, sexual oreintation, geography or disability. 

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