Sandy Steel to deliver online lecture to Centre for Constitutional Studies, Mexico

Poster for Sandy Steel's online lecture
Sandy Steel, Associate Professor of Law, will deliver an online lecture at the Supreme Court of Mexico’s centre for constitutional studies. The lecture 'Departing from Proof of Causation in Tort - Can it be Justified?' will be broadcast via Zoom on 13 August, you will need to register online. The lecture will be in English, but is being translated into Spanish.

The seminar aims to function as a space to explore damage repair in Mexico in light of more consolidated practices in other countries. The seminar will be aimed at academics, litigants and judges interested in tort law.

The Center for Constitutional Studies is a research center created by Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice, located in Mexico City. The Center is tasked with conducting academic research on constitutional law and related topics and aims to serve as a meeting point for our Supreme Court and the scholarly community.