New Book: Research Handbook on Unjust Enrichment and Restitution

A number of professors from the Oxford Law Faculty have contributed to a new book edited by colleagues from Cambridge University.

The new edition titled "Research Handbook of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution" includes contributions from: Andrew Burrows, Mindy Chen-Wishart, Rory Gregson, Birke Hacker, Thomas Krebs, Timothy Liau and Helen Scott. The comprehensive Research Handbook offers expert guide to key concepts, principles and debates in the modern law of unjust enrichment and restitution. 

Written by leading experts drawn from a wide range of common law, civilian and mixed jurisdictions, chapters cover the complex history, scope and philosophical foundations of the subject, its organisational structure, main liability principles, defences and remedies. Utilising a broad array of legal authority and academic commentary, contributors engage with the key concepts and debates in a way that offers a direct route into the field for new researchers, as well as a source of original thinking for those already familiar with the subject. Throughout, the learning of both civilian and common law legal systems is juxtaposed and integrated, offering useful comparative insights and lessons for the future development of this still young, but critically important field of law.