Research by Shona Minson cited in Human Rights Committee report

Shona Minson's recent research on the impact of prison lockdown on children whose parents are imprisoned was cited in a report by the Human Rights Committee published yesterday. 

The report 'The Government's Response to Covid-19: Human Rights implications' covers the legal and regulatory frameworks that have been imposed,  lockdown, contact tracing, children’s right to education, access to justice, the right to life, accountability and detention, health and care.

Shona has written a blog post about her submission to the committee and the subsequent findings which include a deep concern about the rights and wellbeing of children whose parents are in prison.  The report states:

The Committee is deeply concerned about the human rights of people in various types of detention. The measures taken during lockdown and beyond have breached the right to family life of both those detained and of their loved ones. Resuming visits across all settings, including prisons, hospitals and care homes must be a priority as soon as it is safe to do so.