Bonavero Report 7/2020
In its 537 pages, the new Bonavero Report 7/2020 titled 'A Human Rights and Rule of Law Assessment of Legislative and Regulatory Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic across 27 Jurisdictions' (edited by Dr Christos Kypraios, Programmes Manager of the Institute, and Danilo B. Garrido Alves, DPhil candidate and Research Assistant at the Institute) covers legislative and regulatory responses across 27 jurisdictions from a wide range of legal cultures and regions up until early September 2020, assessed from a human rights and rule of law perspective. The Report updates and expands upon Bonavero Report 3/2020 edited by Prof. Liora Lazarus, former Head of Research of the Bonavero Institute, and now also includes an in-depth analysis of international law standards and practice.

The report can be accessed by clicking on the image.