Through the late summer all the way to winter, CCRG researchers have been involved in various panel discussions related to the ongoing Cameroon conflict. We've selected a few to view here, to find out more about what's been going on and about our research.

At the end of October, Barrister Mbinkar Caroline contributed to a conference held by the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations. Below is her specific contribution on behalf of the Cameroon Conflict Research Group.


Next, in early August, Barrister Mbinkar Caroline participated on a panel discussion also hosted by CDN with the topic "Resolving Armed Conflicts for Self-Determination in Africa". The excerpt of her contribution is embedded below, and you can find the full version of the panel talk here.


And finally, project lead Dr Roxana Willis spoke at another CDN discussion panel on the 1st November, on the topic "The Role of International NGOs in Armed Conflicts in Africa: Perspectives on human rights and humanitarian response." The full panel discussion is embedded below.