Professor Chris Hodges at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies was awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours for services to Business and Law. He warmly recognises the support over many years of many friends and colleagues, not least his team of research colleagues.

The award recognises many years researching regulatory and dispute resolution systems, and working with officials, judges, ombuds, businesses, consumers and others on reforms aimed at producing outcomes and systems that are ethical, fair, safe, effective and cooperative.  Professor Hodges has chaired committees in the pharmacy, medical devices, medicines, consumer law, product safety and liability, housing and opera sectors. He has advised governments, regulators and ombuds across the world. He has sat on committees redesigning regulation of property agents, and served on various boards including of the UK Research Integrity Office. 
Professor Hodges is regarded as the leading European expert on consumer dispute resolution, ombuds and ADR, with deep knowledge founded on extensive research, and has advised almost all the UK consumer Ombudsmen. He co-founded the International Network for Delivery of Regulation in 2017 at the invitation of UK government, which has links with experts in regulatory delivery worldwide. His research into public and private enforcement cast doubt on the efficacy of deterrence in most circumstances, and led to the 'no blame' open culture idea of Ethical Business Practice and Regulation. These concepts are now being piloted widely, from financial services to care homes to water pricing. He has held chairs at Oxford and Erasmus Universities, and visiting chairs in China, Australia and Belgium.