New book published by Kevin Grecksch: Drought and Water Scarcity in the UK

Kevin Grecksch, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, has published a monograph ‘Drought and water scarcity in the UK: Social science perspectives on governance, knowledge and outreach’. The book summarises Kevin’s research on the governance and regulation of drought and water scarcity in the UK between 2015 and 2019.

This book presents a social science perspective on drought and water scarcity in the UK. It puts forward a narrative of how different stakeholders manage drought and water scarcity, how they generate and manage knowledge and how power relationships between stakeholders shape drought and water scarcity management. The book begins with an analysis and critique of all water resources management plans produced by English and Welsh water supply companies for the period 2014-2019 and introduces a novel typology for drought management options. It then moves on to discuss the effect of drought and water scarcity on businesses and production processes as well as how knowledge about drought and water scarcity is generated, by whom and for what purpose. Ultimately the book argues for the urgent need to engage people in the UK about water issues and offers a novel perspective on how to communicate and engage with drought research.