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Last week, jointly with the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR, Germany) and The Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Project (ProDESC, Mexico), the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights hosted an online roundtable on “Corporate Human Rights Due Diligence in Practice” to discuss recent developments around mandatory human rights due diligence mechanisms and share experiences in litigating cases of corporate human rights abuses. In the expert roundtable, convened by our Advisory Council Members, Alejandra Ancheita (ProDESC) and Dr Miriam Saage-Maaß (ECCHR), and our Head of Programmes, Dr Annelen Micus, 25 experienced practitioners and renowned academics from the Global South and North discussed how corporate accountability litigation and due diligence laws can contribute to preventing human rights abuses and achieving structural change. In a first session, recent litigation efforts in the field of Business and Human Rights were analysed, such as the recent decision in the Shell case in the UK and the ongoing litigation in the Union Hidalgo case against Electricité de France under the French loi de vigilance. In the second part of the roundtable, prospects and challenges for creating mandatory human rights due diligence laws to achieve these objectives were assessed. The invitation-only roundtable took place after our (public) Bonavero Discussion Group on this subject with Alejandra Ancheita and Dr Miriam Saage-Maaß and with comments by Professor Surya Deva (Vice-Chair of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights and Associate Professor at City University Hong Kong), a recording of which is available on our YouTube channel.