Natalie Mrockova Corporate Bankruptcy Law in China book cover

Natalie Mrockova's new book provides an unique insight into China’s business world and its interaction with the judicial and political system. Corporate Bankruptcy Law in China utilises qualitative and quantitative data and insights from judges, lawyers, government officials, entrepreneurs, bankers, consultants, and academics in China, to provide a new perspective on Enterprise Bankruptcy Law in China, and recent attempts at reform.


Corporate Bankruptcy Law in China provides information about how the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law affects foreign companies, agencies and governments that are active in China. Mrockova draws on empirical data, decided cases and her experience of how the law and surrounding practices deal with foreign stakeholders whose interests are affected by corporate bankruptcy in China to improve understanding of how China’s corporate bankruptcy law has been used in practice, what has limited its practical effectiveness, whether it is desirable for the law to be used more readily in China, and the possible options for its reform.