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In June 2020, the Bonavero Institute announced a new partnership with the Fund for Global Human Rights to establish and administer The Symposium on Strength and Solidarity for Human Rights. Over the next five years, the Symposium is intended to support those who lead organisations and movements committed to the promotion and defence of human rights, and to build greater strength and resilience across the sector.  

At the end of February, we held our first online Symposium for a group of 20 rights activists from around the world. For eight days, the group met in a secure online workspace to share and learn from one another through discussion of cases and review of past experience. This represented the first of an ongoing series of interactions in which participants will interrogate evolving perceptions of human rights, reflect on diverse forms of governance and organizational health and consider how best to entrench sustained solidarity among those defending and advancing rights. 

As we look forward, the Bonavero will work with Symposium participants to develop new case studies on relationships of solidarity and resilience in the human rights movement. We hope to identify candidates to spend sabbatical breaks at the Bonavero, and to foster collaboration between scholars and human rights leaders, working together to develop much needed documentation and reflection on the experience of defending rights in the global South. 

As we continue to work online, some of our most insightful and energizing conversations are happening on our podcast series, Strength and Solidarity. Hosted by Program Director Akwe Amosu, Strength and Solidarity invites human rights activists to talk about the challenges and dilemmas that they are facing, as well as the tactics that their movements or organizations are using to fight back. In the first season, we’ve spoken with rights leaders from AfghanistanSouth AfricaHong Kong, and most recently, Argentina, where campaign organizer Victoria Tesoriero describes a formidable 15-year campaign to legalize abortion. 

You can nominate yourself or others to participate in the Symposium on the Symposium website.