Grand Final teams:

Osgoode Hall Law School
National Law University, Delhi

The Grand Final judges

Lord Kitchin, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

The Right Honourable Sir Christopher Floyd PC, Recently retired Lord Justice of Appeal of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales

The Right Honourable Lord Justice Birss, Lord Justice of Appeal of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales

Given ongoing issues with the pandemic – including recent announcements from the UK government – the IP Moot competition this year is wholly online. The earlier rounds (preliminary, Quarter Final and Semi Final) have been held over a two-week period (commencing 8 March, 2021) and the Grand Final will take place on Saturday 20 March at 11.30am (UK time). It will be live streamed on the Moot website and also on The Law Faculty YouTube.

The 2021 moot concerns Hotenhoffer Pharmaceuticals Erewhon and Hotenhoffer Lilliput v Republic of Erewhon [2019] HCE 46. This year, the moot covers all three of the main IP regimes, with the appeal grounds relating to: (1) the issuing of a compulsory licence in relation to a pharmaceutical patent; (2) an application to cancel of a company's trade mark portfolio on the basis that the marks have become deceptive; and (3) whether the release of documents by the government – being a selection of documents supplied by a corporate whistleblower – is caught by the quotation exception or a general public interest defence to copyright infringement. The moot problem draws from topical matters in IP law, and covers important questions of policy and doctrine.