Findings from the Oxfordshire Digital Inclusion Project, led by Dr Kira Allmann (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies), have been cited in a Parliamentary PostNote on "developing essential digital skills."

Parliamentary POSTnotes are short briefing notes designed to inform Parliamentarians on scientific subjects.

On May 7th, a research briefing on "Developing essential digital skills" was published, citing a peer-reviewed journal article written by Dr Kira Allmann and Dr Grant Blank (Oxford Internet Institute).

Digital skills are increasingly important for day-to-day life, including for communication, accessing services and employment. However, around a fifth of the population do not have essential digital skills for life as defined by the UK Government. While research suggests the number of people with basic digital skills has increased in recent years, concerns remain about those who lack them. Experts have highlighted that digitally excluded people may experience various negative impacts, including poorer health outcomes and social isolation This POSTnote gives an overview of digital skills in the UK, the impact of a lack of digital skills on outcomes in areas such as employment and health, and initiatives in place to improve digital skills.

Read the POSTnote here.