book covers

The past few months have seen the publication and launch of some fantastic new titles from members of the Global Prisoners' Families Network. 

Cara Jardine's book 'Families, Imprisonment and Legitimacy - the Cost of Custodial Penalties', published by Routledge, was launched with an online webinar hosted by the University of Strathclyde and SCCJR and includes contributions from Dr Cara Jardine, Professor Rachel Condry and Professor Laura Piacentini. The launch is available to watch on the SCCJR Youtube channel here.  The book is available in paperback, hardback or as and eBook. 

Natalie Booth's book, 'Maternal Imprisonment and Family Life: from the caregiver's perspective' published by Policy Press, explores the often untold experiences of family members caring for the children of women in prison. It is available in hardback or as an eBook. 

Shona Minson's Book 'Maternal Sentencing and the Rights of the Child' published by Palgrave, was launched online at an event at which Shona provided an outline of the main arguments and themes of the book before Professor Laura Lundy, Professor Shadd Maruna and Professor Felicity Gerry QC, contributed as discussants. Chaired by Professor Rachel Condry, the webinar can be watched on the Oxford Law Faculty Youtube channel here. The book is available in paperback, hardback or as an eBook. 

'Parental Imprisonment and Children's Rights' edited by Fiona Donson and Aisling Parkes, was published by Routledge in the Crime, Justice and the Family Series in March 2021. Described as an 'accessible and compelling read' it will be of particular interest to all those whose work considers children's perspectives. The book is available in hardback or as an eBook. 

Most recently, hot off the press this month is 'Critical Reflections on Women, Family, Crime and Justice', edited by Isla Masson, Lucy Baldwin and Natalie Booth and published by Policy Press. This edited collection explores the challenges and experiences of women and families who encounter the criminal justice system in the UK. It is available in paperback, hardback or as an eBook.