New: Centre for Socio-Legal Studies launches Blog

Logo for the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies has recently launched Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies, its new blog dedicated to promoting dialogue between socio-legal scholars from around the world. It is hosted at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and managed by a board made up of senior scholars and student editors.

The blog has four core sections: 

  • Methodological Musings is dedicated to discussion of methods used in the production of empirical studies of law and legal phenomena. Contributions take the form of a reflection on work already undertaken or at the design stage, including posts on the value of a particular approach to the collection of data, problems encountered in the design or implementation of a methodology, ethical dilemmas, or unanticipated problems that occurred in the field. 
  • Borderlands focuses on new directions in socio-legal studies. These might include discussion of new interdisciplinary interfaces and previously unexplored subjects, resources or archives, new research programmes or projects, networks and initiatives.  
  • A Good Read features reviews of recent, theoretically informed empirical socio-legal publications. Whilst this section is mainly dedicated to book reviews, reviews of recent socio-legal articles are also welcomed. 
  • Talking about Methods includes podcasts about the uses that leading socio-legal scholars have made of particular methods in their research. 

The most recent addition to the blog is a podcast in which Professor Linda Mulcahy talks to Dr Anna Bryson from Queen’s University Belfast about the use of oral history as a method in Socio-Legal research. 

Submissions are welcome and you can find guidelines on the website.