Screenshot from title of Jakarta Post news article

On Tuesday 27 July, Professor Carolyn Hoyle, Director of the Death Penalty Research Unit (DPRU), and Parvais Jabbar, Co-Executive Director of DPRU partner organisation The Death Penalty Project (DPP), published an opinion piece in The Jakarta Post, one of Indonesia’s leading English-language newspapers.

The opinion piece addressed the question of the extent of public support for the death penalty in Indonesia, drawing on new public opinion research which demonstrates that “people are open to change and, with wider engagement and more information, would come to accept the abolition of the death penalty.”

This new research was published as part of the recently released report Investigating Attitudes to the Death Penalty in Indonesia: Part II: Public Opinion: No Barrier to Abolition (authored by Professor Hoyle and published by The DPP, in partnership with LBH Masyarakat and the University of Indonesia).

The article can be read in full on the Death Penalty Project website (reproduced with permission of The Jakarta Post):