New report released from MHRA Patient Forum on Biomodifying Technologies

Test tubes
A new report on emerging medical technologies, described as ‘biomodifying technologies’, has been published by Michael Morrison.

The report provides an account of a patient forum hosted by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in January 2020 and provides details on the purpose of the forum. 

The topics of the forum were: the potential clinical applications of 'biomodifying technologies' such as gene editing, 3D bioprinting and induced pluripotent stem cells, issues of risk and uncertainty, personalised or customised treatments, and long-term follow up care for patients treated with these novel medicines.

Also contained in the report are discussions with forum participants, including independent patient representatives, representatives of patient organisations and charities, and members of different departments within the MHRA.

You can read the report in full here.