France-UK Border Research is a library of research and primary sources regarding the situation for displaced people at the France-UK border. Gathering these resources on one accessible website aids academics, journalists, politicians, activists and the public to more easily find reliable information to inform, direct or inspire their work towards the positive resolution of the inhumane situation into which displaced people at the border are forced.

Navigating the website

On the website, resources can be found in a number of ways. Each resource is categorised and can be browsed by topic, the geographic location to which it applies (e.g., Calais or Grande-Synthe), and source (i.e., whether it was produced by academics, civil society, governments or institutions, or from the personal testimony of displaced people, volunteers, academics, etc.). In conjunction with the categories, a date range can be applied to focus research on resources produced during a specific period. Resources can also be found using a search function. Alternatively, users can browse a list of all resources hosted on the site.

Inspiring change, contributing resources

Unfortunately, the situation at the France-UK border is unlikely to be resolved soon and work will continue for academics, civil society and those trapped at the border in illuminating the problems there. As the work continues, the France-UK Border Research website provides a way - via email or a webform - for people to submit for inclusion resources missing from the library.

We hope the site will prove useful. If you would like to be in touch or submit a resource, please email We can also be found on Twitter, where new additions to the site are publicised: