Students from the Centre for Criminology have been awarded funding from the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute for their project: The Oxford Reader’s Guide to Ethical Migration Reporting.

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Vicky Taylor (Criminology DPhil), Meghna Sridhar (Criminology MSc) and Ananya Kumar-Banerjee (MSt World Literatures in English) have recently been successful in securing funding to support the production and launch of The Oxford Reader’s Guide to Ethical Migration Reporting. This project aims to:

  1. Empower consumers to read migration reporting critically;
  2. Provide commentators with a framework for assessing articles; and,
  3. Guide journalists in ethically and sensitively reporting on migration.

Over the past few years, ‘migration’ has come to dominate front page news in the UK: Channel crossings, ‘refugee crises’, ‘economic migrants’, offshoring, traffickers, ‘illegal immigrants’. These trigger words are used by UK journalists to report on migration stories, but are often deployed in misleading ways that are legally inaccurate, decontextualized, inflammatory, or out of line with best reporting practices. The complexity of these issues demonstrates the need for evidenced-based, critical guidance which sets out advice and best practice for news consumption and reporting in the UK context specifically.

Media narratives are central to shaping and guiding public opinion, policy, and material outcomes for those affected by border controls around the world. After conversations with key journalists, NGOs and lawyers in the refugee sector on the full extent of this impact, the team understands that an interdisciplinary and timely academic intervention into ethical reporting practises - drawing on critical language studies, law and legal policy, forced migration and refugee studies, and insights from fields such as border criminology and media studies - is urgently required and would be welcome by commentators and experts in the field.

“We are very grateful for the support provided by the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute. This money will be used to enable people with lived experience to input into the design of the guide; to support a launch conference; and to enable us to disseminate our work to a wide audience. Thank you to the support provided by both Balliol, the Oxford Centre for Criminology, and Border Criminologies.” - Vicky, Meghna and Ananya

If you are interested in this project, or wish to receive an invite to the launch conference (date tbc), please email Vicky on