Supporting Online Justice Project Films Praised in Tribunals Journal

An article praising the films produced by the Supporting Online Justice Project has recently been written up in the Tribunals Journal. This project, completed by a team including Professor Linda Mulcahy and Dr Anna Tsalapatanis based out of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, involved the production of five films to help lay users access online hearings. You can find more about the project here.

In the article several high ranking tribunal judges comment on the impact and success of the films. Comments include:

“The video guidance does an excellent job of explaining what to expect and how to prepare for hearing; it is hoped that this will lead to reduced anxiety for parties, smoother running for hearings and more efficient use of time for all.”


“Those making the Oxford video have worked hard to understand what happens in our hearings, and so have been able to provide a helpful and insightful guide which shows people the reality of what they can expect and so reduces the fear of the unknown. This will assist appellants in their preparation for a hearing, reduce the risk of being taken by surprise by the procedure, reduce worry and anxiety and hopefully make them feel more confident about participating and so improve their ability to do so.”

To view the full Tribunals Journal article, please follow this link.