Conference to launch new research project on AI regulation

On 30 June, Professor Jeremias Adams-Prassl is hosting a comparative law conference to launch a new ERC funded project, iManage, which will explore AI regulation across the world and in different fields. Featuring an incredibly exciting and diverse lineup of speakers the conference will cover jurisdictions that have done exciting work on AI regulation including China, US, EU, Tanzania, Spain, California, Germany, OECD, UNESCO, and Brazil, with academics, practitioners, and government officials all joining the debate.

Join the debate and explore AI regulation through a comparative lens, examining the extent to which existing and proposed approaches accross the world adequately address risks whilst ensuring that the benefits of AI systems can be maximised.

The conference will consist of four panel discussions on:

  • Data protection law as a tool to regulate AI
  • Labour Law and AI
  • Trans-national approaches
  • Omnibus AI Laws 

The conference will take place in person at the Bonavero Centre for Human Rights at Mansfield College in Oxford and also on Zoom.

Further information and registration