The Oxford-MLS Research Partnership Grant was established in 2009 through a gift by Mr Allan Myers AC QC. Its purpose is ‘to stimulate new and exciting research relationships between Oxford and Melbourne Law Schools’.

Funder deadline: 17th September 2018
Research Services deadline: n/a
Law Faculty deadline for first draft for review: 3rd September - if you would like comments
Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest: n/a

The Grant

The successful applicants will be awarded up to AUD $17,500 and £10,000 over a two-year period (in the current competition, 2019 and 2020). These awards should be considered to form a common fund by which the outcomes of the research partnership project can be achieved, with funding to be shared appropriately by participants. The application should make clear how the funding to be used by each individual advances the joint research project.

Read the scheme guidelines for full details. 

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