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Abdul Abdulrahim is a graduate student at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) completing a masters in Data Science with an interest in the use of technology in law and the issues that arise as a result. His principal areas of interest include Computational Law, Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis, Digital Rights and Algorithmic Due Process, and will hopefully be completing his thesis research on a network analysis of the web-tracking following changes in the European data protection regime. With the apparent transformation of many industries as a result of advancements in data gathering and processing, the legal sector provides many low-hanging fruits and an opportunity to enhance our regulatory and justice systems.

Prior to joining the OII, he trained as a lawyer at Linklaters LLP with experience in privacy and intellectual property law, working on matters around the implementation of the GDPR and IP issues for technology and pharmaceutical companies. Abdul also has some consulting experience working with the World Bank on projects for improving the effectiveness of DFID aid disbursements.

Abdul's first degree was in Philosophy. As such, he has a particular interest in causal analysis regarding data and artificial intelligence. Please refer to Abdul's  GitHub profile to learn more.

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