Andreas is a DPhil Law candidate in jurisprudence at Corpus Christi College. He is supervised by Prof. Nicolaos Stavropoulos, and his studies are generously supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in association with Corpus Christi College (Cowley Scholarship).

His doctoral thesis From Reasons to Rules focuses on the relationship between rules and normative reasons for action. His work challenges the exclusionary theory of rules, according to which rules give rise to a special kind of reasons, exclusionary reasons. It denies the validity of such reasons and develops an alternative theory of rules on the basis of ordinary reasons for action, which purports to solve the puzzle of rules.

His broader interests concern philosophy of practical reason, jurisprudence, and theory of criminal and private law. He has taught Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, and Tort Law for numerous colleges in Oxford and has also convened the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group during 2020-2022.

Prior to his current research, he read for his LLB and his LLM in Philosophy of Law at the University of Athens graduating from both with distinction and at the top of the class. He then moved to Oxford for his MJur and graduated with distinction. For his past studies, he received the kind support of seven scholarships (Onassis Foundation, A. Gazis Trust, A.G. Leventis Foundation, Lilian Voudouri Foundation, SYLFF, MFHR, and A. Papadakis Trust).


Andreas Vassiliou, ‘The Normativity of Law: Has the Dispositional Model Solved our Problem?’ (2022) 42 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 943

Andreas Vassiliou, ‘The Tabbane Case: What the ECtHR Said and What It Didn’t’ (2017) 2 Cambridge Law Review 164

Andreas Vassiliou, ‘Social Rights in Crisis’ in Vassileios Tsevrenis (ed), MFHR Awards 2016 (MFHR Publications 2016) 145 [in Greek]

Research Interests

Philosophy of Practical Reason, Jurisprudence, Criminal Law Theory, Private Law Theory

Research projects & programmes

Jurisprudence in Oxford Research Group