Angus Johnston is (as of August 2014) Professor of Law and a Fellow in Law at University College, where he arrived in September 2010 as Senior Law Fellow and CUF Lecturer.

He read for the B.A. (Law with Law Studies in Europe) and the B.C.L. at Brasenose College and was elected to the Vinerian Scholarship in 1999. He read for the LL.M. in European Union Law and was also Lecturer at the Institute for Anglo-American Law at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in 1997-8.

He was a Fellow and Director of Studies in Law at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (from 1999) and University Lecturer (from 2004) and then Senior Lecturer at Cambridge University (from 2008) until his appointment to Oxford. He has been a visitor to Harvard Law School and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg; he was also an affiliated lecturer at Cambridge University and at the Jacobs University, Bremen until 2012-13, and is a regular contributor to the Florence School of Regulation (at the EUI) Summer School on EU Energy Law.


Recent additions

Chapter (14)

A Johnston, 'The Future Shape of EU Energy Law and Policy' in Anthony Arnull, Catherine Barnard, Michael Dougan and Eleanor Spaventa (eds), A Constitutional Order of States? Essays in EU Law in Honour of Alan Dashwood (Hart Publishing 2011)
The twin themes of this chapter are, first, the need for careful accommodation at the EU level of the diversity of Member State interests and concerns in the energy field ... and, second, the slow but real shift in EU (and some national) energy law and policy away from reliance upon market mechanisms and towards more complex regimes ... to achieve a myriad of public interest goals.
ISBN: 978-1-849460-046-0
A Johnston, 'Legal issues raised by the introduction of take-or-pay contracts for renewables deployment in the UK' in B. Delvaux, M. Hunt and K. Talus (eds), EU Energy Law and Policy Issues – The Energy Law Research Forum Collection (Euroconfidentiel/European Study Service 2008)
ISBN: 978-2930066707
A Johnston, 'State aid to tackle leakage: EC law considerations' in K. Neuhoff and F. Matthes (eds), The Role of Auctions for Emissions Trading (Climate Strategies 2008)

Journal Article (14)

A Johnston and K. Talus, 'Comment on Pielow, Brunekreeft & Ehlers on Ownership Unbundling' (2009) 2 Journal of World Energy Law and Business 149
A Johnston, K. Neuhoff, D. Fouquet and M. Ragwitz, 'The Proposed New EU Renewables Directive: Interpretation, Problems and Prospects' (2008) European Energy and Environmental Law Review 126
ISBN: 0966-1646
A Johnston, 'Focus article – The European Union, the United Kingdom and Terrorist Asset Freezing: Getting into Hot Water?' (2008) European Current Law Monthly Digest
A Johnston, 'European Community Law and National Private Law: ‘Never the Twain Shall Meet’?' (2007) 3 Cambridge Student Law Review 56
A Johnston, A. Kavali and K. Neuhoff, 'Take-or-Pay Contracts for Renewables Deployment' (2007) 36 Energy Policy 2481
Renewables require support policies to deliver the European 20% target. We discuss the requirements for least-cost development and efficient operation and quantify how different schemes (i) allow for the development of a renewable energy technology portfolio; (ii) reduce rent transfers to infra-marginal technologies or better than marginal resource bases and (iii) minimise regulatory risk and thus capital costs for new projects. Long-term take-or-pay contracts minimise regulatory uncertainty, create appropriate incentives for location and operation, allow for efficient system operation and seem compatible with European state aid. We discuss how property rights legislation protects existing renewables investors, and thus can ensure ongoing investment during a transition towards the new scheme.
A Johnston and H. Unberath, 'The Double-Headed Approach of the ECJ concerning Consumer Protection' (2007) 44 Common Market Law Review 1237
A Johnston, 'Free Allocation of allowances under the EU Emissions Trading System – legal issues' (2006) 6 Climate Policy 115
A Johnston and A.A. Dashwood, 'The Institutions of the Enlarged EU under the regime of the Constitutional Treaty' (2004) 41 Common Market Law Review 1481
A Johnston, A.A. Dashwood, C. Hillion and M. Dougan, 'Draft Constitutional Treaty of the European Union and related documents' (2003) 28 European Law Review 3
A Johnston, 'Judicial Reform and the Treaty of Nice' (2001) 38 Common Market Law Review 499
A Johnston, 'Maintaining the Balance of Power: Liberalisation, Reciprocity and Electricity in the European Community' (1999) 17 Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law 121
A Johnston, 'Democracy in the European System: Towards a Critical Approach' (1998) 9 European Law Students Association Selected Papers in European Law 77

Book (6)

A Johnston and Guy Block, EU Energy Law (Oxford University Press 2012)
ISBN: 9780199665242
Simon Deakin, A Johnston and Basil Markesinis, Markesinis and Deakin’s Tort Law (Oxford University Press 2012)
ISBN: 978-0-19-959198-5
A Johnston, S.F. Deakin and B.S. Markesinis, Markesinis and Deakin’s Tort Law (Oxford University Press 2007)
Markesinis and Deakin's Tort Law is an authoritative, analytical, and well-established textbook, reaching its sixth edition in the space of twenty years. It provides a general overview of the law and full discussion of the academic debates on all major topics, highlighting the relationship between the common law, legislation, and judicial policy as well as the new European influences emanating from Luxembourg and Strasbourg. In addition, the authors provide a variety of comparative and economic perspectives on the law of tort and its likely development, always placing the subject in its socio-economic context thus giving students a deeper and richer understanding of tort law. Written by leading authorities on tort law, this detailed book offers teachers a wide range of topics to cover while offering students a text which is both descriptive and reflective of this branch of law. A bibliography and rich footnotes provide interested readers with further references.
ISBN: 9780199282463
A Johnston and P.J. Slot, Introduction to Competition Law (Hart Publishing 2006)
Competition law is a subject of central importance. An accessible introduction to this legal field is thus indispensable for students and practitioners alike. This book is intended to serve as a first acquaintance with competition law and is written in particular for students who intend to study a foundation course in competition law. The current competition law in the UK consists of two main levels: EC competition law and UK competition law. In this introduction both levels are covered, along with an abbreviated introduction to the EC rules on state aids. An important function of this book is to provide an insight into the combined system of UK and EC competition law. Therefore, for the three main subjects (the prohibition of cartels, the prohibition of the abuse of a position of dominance and the supervision of concentrations (mergers and acquisitions) extensive examples, drawn from European and UK practice, have been provided. These examples are then used in the explanation of the general principles, taking into account the changes as a result of the recent introduction of Regulation 1/2003. With this approach, the book aims to reach a broad range of readers: students, teachers in further and higher education, officials and practising lawyers who are not usually faced with competition law issues in their everyday working lives. Extra information has also been included in the footnotes, indicating references to the more specialised literature.
ISBN: 9781841134451
A Johnston, H. Unberath and B.S. Markesinis, The German Law of Contract: A Comparative Treatise (Hart Publishing 2006)
Recently the contract section of the German Civil Code was amended after one hundred years of un-altered existence. The German Law of Contract, radically recast, enlarged, and re-written since its first edition, now details and explains for the first time these changes for the benefit of Anglophone lawyers. One hundred and twenty translated contract decisions also make this work a unique source-book for students, academics, and practitioners. Along with its companion volume, The German Law of Torts, the two volumes provide one of the fullest accounts of the German Law of Obligations available in the English language. Through its method of presentation of German law, the book represents an original contribution to the art of comparison. An additional feature of the Contract volume is the way in which it reveals the growing impact which European Directives are having upon the traditional, liberal, contract model, thereby bringing German and English law closer to each other, especially in the area of consumer protection.
A Johnston, S.F. Deakin and B.S. Markesinis, Markesinis and Deakin’s Tort Law (5th edn Oxford University Press 2003)
The fifth edition of Markesinis and Deakin's Tort Law has been fully revised and updated to cover all important developments which have occurred in this field since the previous edition appeared in 1999. The structure of the book remains the same as in previous editions, as has its underlying philosophy - to provide a good general overview of the law of tort for students and their lecturers which will also be of interest to practitioners and judges in the field. The book includes discussion of much new material, including important appellate court decisions on wrongful birth, defamation, privacy, nuisance, the liability of public authorities, causation and many others; the growing impact of the Human Rights Act upon tort law, including discussion of many important cases decided since the Act came into force; important recent legislative developments, including the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. Throughout the book the relationship between the common law and legislative policy is a key theme, while economic and comparative analysis of the cases and issues are used where appropriate.
ISBN: 9780199257126

Case Note (7)

A Johnston and Hannes Unberath, 'Annotation on Joined Cases C-65/09 & C-87/09, Gebr. Weber GmbH v. Jürgen Wittmer and Ingrid Putz v. Medianess Electronics GmbH (judgment of 16 June 2011)' (2012) 48 Common Market Law Review 793 [Case Note]
A Johnston, 'Frozen in Time? The ECJ Finally Rules on the Kadi Appeal' (2010) Cambridge Law Journal 1 [Case Note]
A Johnston and E. Nanopoulos, 'The New UK Supreme Court, the Separation of Powers and Anti-Terrorism Measures' (2010) Cambridge Law Journal 218 [Case Note]
A Johnston, 'Freezing Terrorist Assets Again: Walking a Tightrope over Thin Ice?' (2008) Cambridge Law Journal 31 [Case Note]
A Johnston, 'Thawing Out? The European Courts and the Freezing of Terrorist Assets' (2007) Cambridge Law Journal 273 [Case Note]
A Johnston, 'The European Union and the Ongoing Search for Terrorists’ Assets: Getting Warmer or Colder?' (2007) Cambridge Law Journal 523 [Case Note]
A Johnston, 'Putting the Cart Before the Horse? Privacy and the Wainwrights' (2004) Cambridge Law Journal 15 [Case Note]

Review (11)

A Johnston, 'Review of: Kelyn Bacon, EC Law of State Aid (Oxford: OUP, 2009) and Martin Heidenhain, European State Aid Law (Munich: C.H. Beck, 2010)' (2011) 127 Law Quarterly Review 151 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Hans-W. Micklitz, Norbert Reich and Peter Rott, Understanding EU Consumer Law' (2010) 47 Common Market Law Review 956 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Elizabeth O’Neill and Emma Sanders (with Margaret Bloom and Anneli Howard), UK Competition Procedure: The Modernised Regime' (2008) Cambridge Law Journal 434 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Barry Barton et al, (eds.), Energy Security: Managing Risk in a Dynamic Legal and Regulatory Environment' (2007) Cambridge Law Journal 240 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Paul Craig, EU Administrative Law' (2007) Cambridge Law Journal 715 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Christopher W. Jones (ed.), EU Competition Law and Energy Markets (EU Energy Law, Vol. II) (2005)' (2006) European Law Review 926 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Peter Cameron, Competition in Energy Markets – Law and Regulation in the European Union (2005)' (2006) 31 European Law Review 136 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Danny Nicol, EC Membership and the Judicialization of British Politics' (2003) 40 Common Market Law Review 525 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Rex Zedalis, International Energy Law, and Martha Roggenkamp et al, Energy Law in Europe' (2003) 3 Yearbook of European Environmental Law 803 [Review]
A Johnston, 'Review of: Diana Woodhouse, The Office of the Lord Chancellor' (2002) Cambridge Law Journal 715 [Review]

Edited Book (1)

A Johnston and A.A. Dashwood (eds), The Future of the Judicial System of the European Union (Hart Publishing 2001)
Originating in a conference organised by the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS),Cambridge in July 1999, this book contains a number of pieces on the highly topical issue of the reform of the European judicial system. Including copies of the major contributions to the debate from the institutions of the European Union, the volume aims both to provide a useful reference point for the major proposals currently under consideration and to stimulate further thinking on the subject. Contributors to this collection include Ross Cranston, Advocate General Francis Jacobs, Judge Pernilla Lindh, Henry Schermers, Anthony Arnull and Ole Due.
ISBN: 9781841132419

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